Antifungal Creams for Ringworm

In some cases, fungus infections like ringworm can be treated using OTC anti-fungal creams for ringworm.  Tinea corporis or ringworm starts as a round, pinkish patch with rough, scaly edges on the skin.  Ringworms are very contagious and can be transferred through direct contact with a person or pets infected with ringworms.  If identified early on, it is easily treatable although it might take a few weeks to be complet

ely wiped out.  If ignored, the red patches can spread to the other areas of the body which can become very itchy and embarrassing.

Antifungal Creams for Ringworm

Terbinafine, marketed as Lamisil, is among the most frequently used creams . It damages the dermatophytes and lessens irritation and discomfort from the fungal infection.

Clotrimazole (found in well-known labels such as Lotrimin or Canesten) minimizes fungal growth by limiting the production of key membranes which are essential for their development.

Ketoconazole is normally used as a topical remedy cure for ringworm and other bacterial infections like athlete’s foot and jock itch.

Monistat-Derm is another one of the popular topical creams for fungus infections. It contains miconazole which is widely used to reduce the growth of fungi.  Miconazole stops the production of vital fungal cell membrane called ergosterol.

Clotrimazole with Betamethasone is an antifungal mixed with corticosteroid treatment to help ease itchiness and inflammation caused by ringworm.  Clotrimazole features antifungal characteristics and prevents the development of the dermatophytes while betamethasone is a corticosteroid, which has anti-inflammatory attributes that assist in reducing the burning irritation and swelling.  Important note:  This cream should only be used as per doctor’s advice.

The above are all very reputable treatments for ringworm and other fungal infections.  Proper care must be undertaken when using these creams for ringworm to avoid transmitting the skin infection to the body parts or to other individuals.  Make sure to complete the full treatment to completely eliminate the root of ringworms and prevent it from returning.  It is equally important that you adhere to the treatment instructions.

You might need to put on the cream to the infected area several times daily until continue applying ringworm creams even after the rash has faded. These ringworm remedies are usually mild to use. However, it is a great idea to consult a doctor if you notice any adverse reactions like inflammation, irritation, peeling, swelling, hypersensitive reactions or if the round red spots do not decrease after using antifungal creams for a week or two.

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  1. Abigail Mabe says:

    I have heard that Vicks Vapor rub works well. I used it on a nail fungus which is basiclly the same thing as ring worm. It got rid of my nail fungus in less than a week. My daughter has a ringworm on her cheek and I am gona try the Vicks I will let yall know if it is a success.

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