Cures for ringworm

Cures for ringworm—For You and Your Pets

Knowing the different home remedies for ringworm can spare you from a discomfort and humiliating experience. Ringworm or tinea corporis is one of the most common and highly contagious fungal infections all over the world.  Dermatophytes are fungi that cause ringworm in humans and household pets; it thrives in warm, damp place like in swimming pools, and in your skin folds. Though the infection is frightening, don’t panic. Find out what specific type of ringworm do you possess, the symptoms, how ringworm is diagnosed, and the cures for ringworm.

Various forms of ringworm and signs to watch out for

Tinea barbae

Also known as barber itch; tinea barbae is ringworm of bearded area of the face and neck.

Signs to watch out for: sore, crusting, itchiness of skin, hair might fall off

cures for ringwormTinea capitis

Tinea capitis is ringworm that can be found on the scalp; common in late childhood, and likely to spread at schools.

Signs to watch out for: hair loss, patches of scaly, itchy red-ring, which may sore

Tinea corporis

Ringworm of the body, and often produce the flaking, scratchy skin surrounded by a red-ring. Several patches may grow on different areas.

Signs to watch out for: blistery, itchy rash, which may be tender

Tinea cruris

Also known as jock itch, and can be found on the groin or surrounding area.

Signs to watch out for: itchy, flaking reddish brown rash that may worsen due to friction

Tinea pedis

Also known as athlete’s foot, and can be found between toe webs even in soles and heels.

Signs to watch out for: scaly, blistery, itchy rash

 How is ringworm diagnosed?

Your ringworm is already several days old before you even notice it.  Ringworm can be visually diagnosed from its appearance and location. Ringworm can be confused with other many forms of dermatitis. Because of this, it is best to consult a physician for examination.  Skin is scraped from the infected area and reviewed under the microscope to learn how to get rid of ringworm.

Cures for ringworm In humans

Avoid spreading the disease, and don’t come contact with people, animals and objects. Don’t scratch at all cost, this will also spread the disease to the area of your body.  Ringworm treatments  include antifungal creams you can buy at drugstores.  The most common are: Lamisil, Tinactin, Monistat 1, and Aloe Veza.  Daily apply the cream and cover with a band-aid.

Follow the instruction in the label, or consult your physician for advice.

In pets,

Take your pet to the veterinarian right away if your pet shows any symptoms. Antifungal creams like Terbinafine, Itrafungol, and Lufenuron may be prescribed. Daily apply the cream to your pet. Bathe your pet every day using an antifungal shampoo,and give it a haircut if recommended by the veterinarian. Clean the areas in your house that your pet is likely to use; throw suspicious objects that may be contaminated.

These are easy methods to follow for self-care, but the best ringworm cures are advise by qualified professionals


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    I think i have a ringworm on my jaw on my back on my hips on my testecular sake wat r d measures to get rid of it..

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